Democracy Now! U.S. Election Night Special

Democracy Now! U.S. Election Night Special
New York City./ 4, 2008/and/– Democracy Now! is doing a special five-hour broadcast tonight from 7:00PM to Midnight EST to bring you the 2008 election results as they come in.
The program will include live coverage of the results as the polls close, on-the-ground reports from across the country, reactions from across the globe, and running in-depth analysis and commentary from a wide range of guests you won’t get anywhere else.

The show will be hosted by Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzale z and Jeremy Scahill. Guests will include Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Melissa Harris Lacewell, Roberto Lovato, John Nichols, Howard Zinn, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Bill Perkins, Laura Flanders, Vincent Harding, Robert Scheer, Mark Crispin Miller, David Sirota and many more.
On November 5, 2008 Democracy NOW! will be on air with a 2 hour “After morning U.S. election special”.
Tune to the TV and radio program on
You can reach the program Democracy Now on alternative web channels and on satellite television.

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